Winter Striper Report

I hosted Lou and Pat on the river for two days and we caught well over 100 striper in the two days they were here.  When it’s right, it’s good.  I also hosted some avid young anglers who fished hard all day and rewarded for their efforts.  Winter fishing is kid friendly, too. The water temps are still in the low 40’s which can give our fishing an element of inconsistency.  The fish will bite, but sometimes the bite is light and they might only feed hard during a few hours during the day when it’s warm during the midday or afternoon.  You just have to be there when they are feeding, and most of the time, we are.  Come out and experience some of North Carolina’s best winter fishing on our coastal rivers.

Next openings:  Feb. 1, 5-8, 12-14  Let’s go fishing!


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