50 Shad and 50 Stripers

That’s what we’ve caught in the last 2 days.  On Friday, I hit the Tar River with good friend and clients, Dave and Bill, and we hammered the shad.  These guys fished with me a couple of years ago in Weldon, and we caught them all day, maybe catching 150+.  This time, we fished the Tar, which can at times produce Roanoke-like numbers; however, on most outings, a 50 fish day is outstanding.  They both agreed that having to work for them a little more was more rewarding and fun.  We also caught 4 nice female American shad mixed in with our hickories.  Yesterday, I hit the lower Roanoke with good friends and clients John and Jason and we hammered out a good catch of 50 stripers.  That bite continues to be good as fish are constantly moving into the rivers to feed and winter (if you can even call it that) before their spawning run in a few weeks.

Along with the beautiful weather, we are having great fishing on multiple fronts.  Let’s get out there and explore some of North Carolina’s best fishing.

Next openings:  Feb. 27, 28  Mar. 6, 12, 14, 16, 26, 28

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