Another Week of Striper Fishing in Weldon in the History Books

Last week was yet another good week of fishing in Weldon.  We had to battle rising water and a few rain showers here and there, but overall, the fishing was excellent.  Since the beginning of the season, we’ve been producing consistent 25-100 fish 5 hour 1/2 day trips.  That’s good fishing by any standards.  What makes it even better is sharing it with friends new and old.  We’ve had some fun times.  

Due to recent spring rains and increased infows into Kerr Lake, the river is now running at 20,000 cfs (cubic feet per second), which is normal high.  They are trying to get the water through to get Kerr back down to normal pool height.  I’m thinking the flows will be at that rate all this next week.  They may get stepped down to 15k midweek if we don’t get any more rain, but realistically, we’ll probably have 20k through next weekend.  That means the fish will be in big schools near the banks.  It will be mostly a live bait bite on anchor, as the drifting bite can get tough when the water is high.  Maybe the upriver jig bite will get going strong.  That’s as fun as it gets in my opinion.  Either way, we’ll be catching some fish and looking forward to Week 4 of our spring season.  

I have had a last minute cancellation due to health problems for three afternoon slots the second week in May.  The open slots are May 8 (pm), 9(pm), 10(pm).  Those are some prime openings during the peak of the spawn.  Let’s get out there!


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