Back on the Drum after Flo!

After clearing out all of our reservations from last Wednesday through this coming Friday due to the storm and folks being displaced after the storm, I ventured out today with my friend Bubs on a scouting mission to check out the post-storm bite.  We picked right back up where we left off and found some big drum willing to eat.  I’m optimistic about the remainder of our 2018 big drum season, and we’ll resume charters this Saturday.  Capt. Scott and I will be out there plugging along Saturday, and I will be out there Sunday.  Stay tuned for an updated report after the weekend.  

We are also looking forward to our fall light tackle season.  There should be some good speckled trout fishing (as Oct. and Nov. always seem to be the best of it) and I’m sure we’ll have plenty of hungry stripers to catch on topwater and on the fly.  Here are my next openings for those trips.  If you’d like to go sooner, I can always get you out with one of the other guides.  They all do a great job. 

Next Open Dates: Oct. 29,  Nov. 5-6, 13-15, 17, 19-21, 24, 26-30

Our prayers are extended to those residents in Eastern and Coastal NC who were so adversely affected by Hurricane Florence.  So many folks are still trying to get their lives and property back in order.  The Bath area survived nearly unscathed.  Although we did have about 6-8 feet of storm surge, I’m 14′ up and only got some calm water up over my dock.  We never lost power and I didn’t have so much as a limb down in my yard.  Others in more low-lying areas along the Pamlico and Pungo were not so fortunate, and I hope they will be able to recover swiftly.

This is how you pose with a double when one guy has to take the picture. The fish are too big for a “selfie”. Lol.


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