Epic March Striper Fishing

Today Scott and Win caught 160 stripers on jigs and fly with some really nice fish in the mix.  How do I know they caught 160?  Because we counted them.  They had a contest to see who could catch the most and went fish for fish all day.  The final tally was 80 each.  I caught only one because frankly, I didn’t have time to pick up a rod.  I have a bad case of striper thumb from doing all the de-hooking, but those are the best kind of days for me.  They were keeping a very close count up until the very end, and because both of these guys are very nice and gracious competitors, they started losing count at the end.  I think one of them had a few more than 80, but who really cares at that point.  The point is that we all had a boatload of fun and we caught fish just about everywhere we went. 

One of the highlights of the trip was Win and Scott catching some fish on the fly.  At our second stop of the day, Win whipped out his buggy whip and as Win does, had one on the hook in very short order. I think he inspired Scott, because Scott was then wanted to try it after not picking up a fly rod in the past 30 years.  After a short casting lesson using sinking line and a little practice, he was soon bowed over with my brand new Sage Salt HD 8 weight.  It was either Scott’s natural ability or the really nice fly rod he was throwing.  I think it was a little of both.  For these anglers today, it was truly the “Lower Roanoke River Experience”.

I have also included some picture from my shad trip yesterday in Weldon with Tim and Casey. The water is super low, as low as I’ve ever fished it (2000 cfs).  They are a fishing couple and travel a lot to catch various fresh and saltwater species.  In 3 hours and in very tough conditions, we caught 65 hickory shad.  The wind was blowing 30+ and the snow flurries were coming down intermittently.  If conditions were better, we would have caught over 100 easily, but we caught enough and had lots of fun despite the cold. 

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