Great Fall Fishing on the Pamlico

Sorry for the lack of reports.  Some of you have been bugging me to post more reports, and I’ll do a better job about being more regular like I used to be. We have been fishing everyday the weather lets us, and we’re having some steady speckled trout fishing on the lower end of the Pamlico, consistently catching 20-80 trout per day with some keepers in the mix.  I wouldn’t say we are putting 3 and 4 man limits of huge fish in the cooler everyday, but we’re having some nice action and taking some keepers home for supper.  We had a big trout kill last January, so we’re seeing the typical effects of it the following fall with a major influx of spikes (10-14″ fish). October and so far in November have been challenging with the weather.  We’ve had a lot of unsteady weather (low pressure), bringing too much wind and rain, which is something we don’t normally see in Oct, which is typically pretty mild and nice.  Of course we have some cold fronts in Oct. and in November, they get progressively more severe, but this fall has been unusually tough.  Despite this, we’re dealing with it putting people on fish.

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I’ve also been slack about taking pictures, which I’ll change, so here are a few from Capt. Scott from a three-boat trip we did last week.

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