It’s Cold Outside but the Striper Fishing is Hot

I had a great time today with “Geezer Lou” and the “flyfishing dentist (ret.)”.  These guys have been with me many times before and knew how to catch the fish.  It was probably the coldest day I’ve fished yet this winter with highs in the low 40’s, grey skies with zero sun, a stiff N wind, and a tad bit of moisture in the air.  When you add up all those variables, that equals COLD.  None of that mattered because the fish bit pretty well.  We beat out about 50-60, and the flyfishing dentist caught many of his on the long rod.  I was pleased with our performance considering the wind had the current backing up in the river. He finished the day on a hot streak catching 8 in a row on 9 casts.  We are going out again tomorrow, and I’ll give you a report.  The wind is switching to the NW, which ought to have them really chewing instead of kinda chewing.  

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