We had a great day catching keeper and throwback flounder on artificial and live baits today.  Our goto bait is the Z-Man MinnowZ (white or bad shad color) on the 3/16th ounce Z-Man Trout EyeZ jig heads.  No need for Gulp bait.  We do apply generous amounts of ProCure Gel  (mullet, menhaden, or shrimp).  Barb and Mike are from the Eastern Shore of Maryland and fished with me in March of 2014 for the pre-spawn stripers on the lower Roanoke.   They caught around 100 stripers that day and decided to check out our flounder fishing.  We had a great time on a beautiful and warm day.  I had to take a cold shower when I got home just to cool off. I’m kinda missing those chilly days on the Roanoke in March.

We’ve been catching flounder for the past month.  The water has been a little muddy, which makes hook and line fishing tougher; however, it has just recently cleared up nicely with a nice showing of bait coming into the river.  More flounder are coming everyday, and fishing will only get better as we move into July.  We’ll also be keeping our eye out for some early drum.  If you want to get in on some good flatfish action, I have next July 2-4, 6, 7, 10, 13, 14, 16 open.  Let’s get it on.  Did I mention that they are very tasty, too?

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