Lake Phelps Wade Fishing

Lake Phelps is the second largest natural lake in North Carolina comprising 16,000 acres of shallow, gin clear water home to big largemouth, all the pumkinseed bream you can stand, and whooper yellow (raccon) perch. The clear shallow flats along the lake’s edge are ideal for wading and sight fishing to the lake’s numerous largemouth bass. Many of the bass in the lake are in the 2-4 pound range, but each day anglers might have get a shot at sight casting to bass in the 5-8+ pound range. This takes a stealthy approach because the water is so clear. If you can see the fish, then they can see you.


Conventional bass tackle (baitcasting or spinning gear) can be utilized; however, the style of fishing on the lake is a perfect fit for the fly angler. 3-5 weights are ideal for the bream, and 5-8 weights are ideal for the largemouth. We try to emphasize topwater fly fishing when conditions are appropriate.

If you are looking for one of the best wade/sight fishing opportunities in North Carolina, then Lake Phelps is an absolute bucket list trip for any fishing enthusiast. If you didn’t know where you were, you’d think you were wading a bonefish flat in the Bahamas. That’s how clear and beautiful the water is.

Rates:  Call or email me for rates.  Trip durations may vary based on the best fishing and time during the season.