The Last 3 Days

Just because I’m not posting reports everyday doesn’t mean I’m not on the water.  We’ve been hard at it lately.  On Friday, we caught 50 or so shad with some total shad newbies in some tough wind in the morning.  Later that afternoon, I relaunched on a different part of the river to scout some new water with a friend of mine and his son and we caught 50 more shad and about 30 stripers.  They had a blast.  On Saturday, we caught 100+ stripers on the lower Roanoke.  Today (Sunday), we had at least 150 shad.  They were chewing.  It looks like we’re finally getting a break from this crazy weather in the middle of next week.  I’m looking forward to that because it’s been mighty windy and cold on the water lately.  The fish haven’t seemed to care though.  

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