New Blog Posts and Expanded Topics

Folks, I want to use this Fishing Reports/Blog page as a way to share some of my broader fishing experiences, discuss technical aspects of our fishing, and help promote the fishing culture in our area of the state, especially fly fishing.  This blog could be an excellent way to continue to tell you what we are doing on a day to day basis but also  touch on a number of other relevant topics.  I will still be posting my regular fishing reports with pictures, but I have enough regular followers and visitors  to use this as a way to expose our readers to the broader fishing culture that we have here in North Carolina and the Southeast and also to discuss more technical aspects of what we do and how we do it.   I originally thought about starting a podcast (and that is still not out of the question) but I thought a more immediate and easy way to reach an audience is to just use this blog and the reach the current reader base (and hopefully expand that base as we incorporate richer topics).

Here is a new schedule for regular posts, and I’ll do my very best to stick to this schedule. If you have any suggestions on what you’d like to read, feel free to email them to me at [email protected]

Sunday Afternoon Summary:  Overall recap from the previous week and forecast for the upcoming week

Tech Tuesday:  This is will be detailed discussion of some technical aspect of what we do.  Topics will range from fishing soft plastics to fly tying to anything else that may be of interest to our followers.  This will be where you can learn some details about specific fishing methods and the gear we use and why we use it.

Thirsty Thursday:  This post will be about something beyond our immediate area but relevant to the fishing culture in our part of the country.  I’ll speak often from my own experiences fishing in Western North Carolina or in the ocean and anywhere in between.  This will be a way to draw from other experiences and combine them with what we do here and vice versa.  

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