The drum fishing continues to be steady.  These are some pics from the last couple of days.

A side note: For those fish nazi’s and so called “conservationists”, we keep 1 fish per day per person and that includes my fish too, for only one of my charters if I have 2 trips in a day, so I do not keep my fish on both trips, which would be over my daily limit.  The Marine Fisheries officer I spoke to at the dock just the other day told me that they field tons of calls from negative people who see photos like these on the internet of people holding up more fish than is actually their legal limit.  I should be surprised, but I’m really not. Well guess what, there’s someone taking the picture who was on the boat and sometimes another person standing around who is not in the picture who was on the boat.  Please don’t waste the time of our Marine Fisheries officers by calling in about fishing report and blog posts pics that don’t quite add up to the limit.  Those guys have better things to do with their time.DSC_3726 DSC_3728 DSC_3729 DSC_3730 DSC_3731 DSC_3735 DSC_3736 DSC_3737 DSC_3738 DSC_3740 DSC_3741

DSC_3720 DSC_3721 DSC_3722 DSC_3723 DSC_3724 DSC_3725