Pamlico River Spring Topwater Fishing Report

Well we had a ton of rain over the past couple of days…………….Chicod Creek was flooding over some of the roads near Simpson, so the Tar has made its mark for the last few days with a large influx of freshwater.  It’s not the freshwater that has hurt us for the stripers………it’s the turbidity in the water.  The upper Pamlico River has turned into a chocolate milkshake for the past few days.  Despite limiting some of our ideal topwater striper habitat, we’ve still managed to put together some respectable catches………with most of our bites coming from surface baits.  These boys had a great introduction to our resident striper population, taking advantage of a late afternoon bite where we found some clearer water.  They wanted to get some practice before heading down to Emerald Isle for the weekend.  I’ll say they got what they were looking for.  Pretty work fellas!



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