Pamlico River Winter Mixed Bag Fishing Report

“We’re not in Kansas anymore” was what was going through Tina and Terry’s mind as we eased away from the landing in the dense morning fog and cool crisp morning air in search of the Pamlico’s bounty.  As bald eagles watched us from their perches in the tops of the Spanish moss laden cypress trees and the only sounds were baitfish breaking the surface and our baits splashing in the water, we realized that today would be a day of exceptional variety.

Terry and Tina from Whichita, Kansas were introduced to Eastern NC fishing and did a great job catching 5 different species of fish using artificial jigs on light tackle. We caught various sizes of striped bass ranging from 6 inches to 24 inches, speckled trout, about have a cooler full of white perch (THE BEST EATING!), largemouth bass, and a 10 pound bowfin. We hooked the bowfin in the mouth on a small white perch jig. Don’t stick your fingers in their mouth or you might be in trouble. We saw some small minnows showering along the bank around some structure and threw into them to hook bucketmouths one cast after another. You gotta appreciate being able to catch a largemouth one cast and a speckled trout the next. Only on the Pamlico River RIGHT NOW! Call me at (252) 945-9715 to schedule your day of fun while the fishing is good!

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