Report from Last Week

Last week was as good of a week as I could have hoped for in February.  I didn’t have a charter Monday, so I went after some early shad down in the Neuse.  We ended up with a double digit catch, and that’s the earliest I’ve ever caught that many shad.  From what I’ve heard, the fish have steadily been showing up a little better everyday, and anglers fishing that area this past weekend did pretty well.  There are also some early reports of shad in the lower Tar between Tarboro and Greenville, so as soon as I have a day to go check on that, I’ll be there.  

Tuesday through Saturday proved to be excellent striper fishing in the lower Roanoke.  Our slowest trip produced around 30 or 40 and our best trip hit the triple digit mark, so the fishing remains excellent.  Today is a rain day and a maintenance day for my motor, but I’ll be back out tomorrow and Wednesday and then off to the Exumas Thursday through Monday for a vacation with my wife and some bonefishing.  Stay tuned for pictures.  

I have scattered open days in late February and during the week in March.  March always seems to fill up, so if you want to book a spring striper or shad trip,  you should get on the calendar sooner than later.  We still also have some openings for the spring striper season in Weldon, so get them before they are gone.  We will fill all those in the coming weeks.  

Here are my revised open dates over the next few weeks for pre spawn stripers on the lower end and shad:  

Feb. 19, 20, 26    Mar. 4-8, 11, 13-15, 18-21, 26-28   Apr. 4-6

Here are my openings for the spring striper season in Weldon:

Apr. 9(pm), 10(am), 11(pm), 16-18, 19(am), 23(pm), 24, 29(pm), 30(pm)

May 1(am), 2(am), 3(pm), 7(pm), 8, 9, 10(pm)

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