Sunday Afternoon Shadness

Did I ever mention that shad fishing in one of the best fishing trips for kids?  This afternoon I hitched up the Hickory Nut and took the local L-Dubs (Little Washington) boys and Tripp and Henry shad fishing.  The water was rising pretty fast, so the bite was a little off, but we managed to catch enough to have some great fun and keep the kids engaged.  I am privileged to be able to take my sons shad fishing.  It’s a true Eastern NC tradition, and something that is very dear to my heart.   My dad took me shad fishing a lot when I was young on the Tar River in and around Tarboro.  

As of now, all the gauges on the rivers look like the side of Mt. Everest, mighty steep and climbing fast.  I suspect everything will be getting back to normal by the middle or end of this coming week, and this high water event ought to be just what the shad need to get the remaining stragglers up the river for March Shadness.  

Tomorrow I’ll be guiding for stripers on the lower Roanoke, and I suspect it will be good.  Stay tuned for an updated report.  I have this coming Tuesday open if anyone has cabin fever and wants to get out on the water for a pretty weather day.  High of 61 and sunny.  Can’t beat that for February.  

My open dates are filling quickly.  Here’s what I have left before I head up to Weldon:

Mar. 6, 7, 11, 14, 19, 27,  Apr. 1, 4-6


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