Sunday Afternoon Summary

This post is going to be a lot like last Thursday’s.  Last week was really good fishing.  Dominion and the Corps have been stepping the flows down all last week from 35K to about 20K now.  I have seen where it’s projected to fall to 13.5K but not sure about that.  What I do know for sure is that with the flow stepping down last week, it has started to drop on the lower end and should be dropping most of the week, which translates to EPIC fishing.  It should be an awesome week just about everywhere up and down the river.  I’ll be out there all week so stay tuned for a definite Tech Tuesday report and a Thursday report and if there’s anything noteworthy, something in between.  I could post a report everyday; however, it just gets tough telling the same story everyday, hence the new format with the 3 regularly scheduled posts during the week.

The big news is the shad.  The Tar River has been going off all last week.  There were some scattered fish being caught with the high water, but early last week, the river fell out to more fishable levels and cleared some.  Folks up and down the Tar have been doing well all week from Greenville to Rocky Mount.  I’ve heard of 100+ fish days literally everywhere with quite a few American (white) shad in the mix.   I took my boys yesterday and we had great fishing.  As far as the Roanoke goes, I think the best fishing this week will be up and down the middle section of the river at the mouths of the creeks and in some other key areas in the main river.  As of now, Weldon is still very high (18-20K).  If it drops to 13.5K, that will be better but still not ideal.  So far it’s looking like a pretty nonexistent shad season in Weldon, but a lot can change if the water drops.  I’m sure there are plenty of fish up there.  They might just not be congregated below the ramp like we like them.  

I am getting closer and closer to booking up for Weldon.  I have just a few slots left.  Get them while they’re still available:

Apr. 9(pm), 11(pm), 16(am), 17(am), 24(am)    May 8(am), 13(pm), 14-16

Here are a few pics from yesterday’s shad trip:


A three year old after shad fishing most of the day with no afternoon nap.

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