Sunday Afternoon Summary

This past week has been full of adventures.  We’ve been mostly still striper fishing on the lower Roanoke with some shad fishing in the mix.  The river has been dropping slowly all week and the fishing has been good.  We’ve caught between 30 and 70 fish each trip last week.  It hasn’t been the epic fishing I thought we’d have with the falling water; however, it’s been plenty good, so no complaining here.  Last Thursday, I had a 2 Rivers shad trip.  Instead of fishing the Tar and Roanoke, we opted for the Tar in a couple of different locations.  The Tar has been fishing well lately.  We started out the day in Battle Park and caught a baker’s dozen with about half whites and half hickories.  We never had any huge roe females.  For the afternoon, instead of opting for Weldon, we went downriver and fished Old Sparta.   We ended up catching about 35 or so shad there with about a half dozen whites.  Two of them were larger females, which was the grand prize.  

The shad bite is great on the Tar from Greenville all the way up to Battle Park.  The bite is also picking up significantly in Weldon with the flow coming down to 8000 cfs.  I’m not sure how long it will stay that way, as Kerr Lake is on the rise.  Hopefully it will stay there and we’ll have a great shad bite in Weldon the next couple of weeks.  I have 2 striper trips this week and the rest are shad trips, so stay tuned.  I’ll be posting a Tech Tuesday and Thursday report this week.

Remaining openings of the Spring Striper Season in Weldon:  Apr. 9(pm), 16(am), 17(am), 24(am),  May 8(am), 13(pm), 14-16

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