Sunday Afternoon Summary

Shad fishing has been excellent all week.  We’ve stayed on the Tar this year and had really good success.  I have a hard time with never making it to Weldon this year for shad season; however, due to all the rain, river conditions there were off and the fishing was not consistently good.   A few folks had some big days up there but it was very sporadic.

This season, we fished the Tar from Battle Park in Rocky Mount, where we targeted American (white) shad,  all the way down to Greenville and lots of stretches in between, where we targeted the hickories.  Ironically, our largest female American shad (true trophies for shad enthusiasts), came from downriver while hickory fishing.  We had an encounter with a really big one yesterday.

I had one striper trip this past week on the lower Roanoke where once we finally found some, we caught about 30. If I had found them earlier, we’d had a lot more.  Fishing there is still productive and should remain so throughout the spring.  Lately, most catches have been 30-60 fish per trip.  Usually every season on the lower end starts to change a little around mid-March.  The fish tend to do a lot more moving around and they can sometimes be tougher to find, but if you do find them, you might find a lot of them. 

Tomorrow I’m headed up to Weldon for the week to start my spring striper season.  There are some fish already there.  The river is currently dropping and by Tuesday, the flows will be steady all week at 7000 cfs.  The river is still muddy due to all the turbidity in the lakes.  Hopefully it will clear up some if the water level stays reasonable.  If not, the fish will still be there and we’ll be on em. April is completely full, but I still have a few openings in May.  May is personally my favorite time to be up there.  Fishing is usually very very good then and opportunities for topwater, jig fishing, and fly fishing are abundant then.  

Here are my May openings.  Get them while they are still available:

May 8(am), 13(pm), 14 (am and pm), 15(pm), 16 (am and pm).

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