Sunday Afternoon Summary

This past week has been just every other week in Weldon this season……..really good.  Most 1/2 day trips have yielded 50-150 fish.  Flows have been steady all week at 13k and this past Saturday, the Corps started stepping them down to 11k, 9.5k on Sunday, 8k on Monday, and finally 6.5k this coming Tuesday through Friday.  Spawning activity in the late afternoons and evenings has been very strong all week and should continue into the coming days.  Some fish I caught Saturday afternoon has not yet spawned. I’d guess most of it will be over by the middle or end of this coming week.  If we don’t get a big post-spawn blowout rain, flooding all the fertilized eggs and fry into the lowgrounds, this should be a really good spawn, snowballing our high numbers of fish into a great 2019 age class.  We always have to look to the future to make sure we’ll have fish to catch in the coming years.  The fish will be hanging around for at least the next couple of weeks and they’ll be mighty hungry post spawn.   The fly, jig, and topwater bite should be off the charts.  Of course, we’ll have plenty of live bait for those who need it.  

It’s time to start looking ahead to our mixed bag fishing on the Pamlico.  I’m hearing good reports of striped bass, puppy drum, and speckled trout in the rivers and sound.  Here are some upcoming openings in late May and June.  We’ll be focusing on topwater striped bass and specs in the mornings, live bait fishing for specs, flounder, and popping cork/topwater fishing for the giant red drum.  I intend on locating some consistent giant red drum fishing early this summer, as I know the fish are there.  There have already been some fish caught this year, mostly by folks who have been fishing for other fish.  I intend on finding out how well we can do with them when I actually fish for them outside of their normal late July, Aug, and Sept. timeframe.  A few of them a day could add an awesome element to our mixed bag trips.

May 23, 27, 29  June 19, 20, 25-27  July 1-6, 9-11, 13, 22-26, 31  Aug. 1, 5-7 


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