Sunday Afternoon Summary

This past week in Weldon was another good week but definitely not quite as good as the previous two.  Last Saturday (May 4) the water started stepping down about 1500 cfs each day, resulting in 6500 cfs flows last Tuesday (May 7).  All was good until the water dropped down to 6500.  On Tuesday, the bite slowed some.  One of two things happened:  Some of the fish that had already spawning left or many of them just dropped downriver and scattered, which they often do when the water level drops out and especially when it gets low.  We still knocked out 50-100 per 1/2 day trip using live bait, but our jig bite and fly bite slowed significantly.  There’s been some productive topwater fishing above the ramp up in the rocks, but it’s too risky for me to take my boat above the ramp at this level.  Those who are are having some great fishing but are “bumping” a few rocks here and there. This Thursday, the flow bumped up to 9000 and then to 9500 on Saturday, which helped a lot.  It’s projected to stay at 9500 through the middle of next week.  That increase improved the bite and we should be in good shape as we enter the sixth and last week of our 2019 Weldon season.  I’m hoping for some awesome jig, topwater, and fly fishing and of course, we can throw the meat if we need to. 


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