These are the Good Ole Days of Tomorrow

I heard that saying today, and it really stuck.  You always hear older folks talking about the “Good Old Days” of fishing.  Well….these are those days that we’ll be sitting around talking and reminiscing about one day.  Let’s go make some memories together this winter on the lower Roanoke.  The striper fishing is phenomenal, and we’ll be on them after the holidays this year, which is normally when we turn our attention away from the Pamlico and onto our neighboring river to the north.   

Recently, the trout fishing has been outstanding.  That bite continues to consistently produce, and it should take us through the end of this month.  I can’t guarantee that if it continues through the winter (especially with some mild winter temps), that we won’t continue to take advantage of it.  

Remaining openings in December:  Dec. 18, 28, 31

Here are some pictures from some of my recent trips:


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