Thursday Report

About the only thing I can say about this week is it’s been good.  We’ve consistently been producing 50-100 fish per outing.  We had one trip where the fish seemed to be a little more scattered and we never really found that one big school which makes our day and we caught about 30.  Still not bad for any day of fishing.  Today took some hard work to find that big school but when we did, it was game on.  There were lots of them and they were very hungry.  

The water has been super high (35k cfs from the dam), which can actually make finding fish a little more difficult.  I like it high but not that high.   We’re finding them but just having to look more than I’d like.  The flows are decreasing and the water upriver is starting to slowly drop.  By early next week, it ought to be epic with this falling water.  I believe when they are done cranking it down, the flows will be around 13k, which is as low as we’ve seen in a long time but still not low by normal standards.   Hopefully we’ll be able to get a good whacking on the shad in Weldon before that’s all over with for the year.   The bite is cranking up in a big way on the Tar River as the water has finally dropped out to more fishable levels, so I’m optimistic about at least a couple of good weeks of shad fishing this year. 

I still have next Tuesday (Mar. 19) open if anyone wants in?  With the falling water, your probability of a 100-200 fish day is very  high.   You couldn’t have any better conditions and timing for a trip.  

Remaining Weldon Openings:  Apr. 9(pm), 10(am), 11(pm), 16(am), 17, 24(am)  May 8(am), 13(pm), 14-16    Get them while you can!



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