Winter Striper Report

We’ve had lots of challenges with the weather since Christmas.  It’s been a very unusual January.  Normally, January is very fishable and not too cold, but on many days, it’s simply been too cold to fish.  On the days that we have made it out, we’ve had some pretty good striper fishing on the Tar-Pamlico.  Our go-to winter fishery has always been the lower Roanoke, but this winter is shaping up a lot like last winter in that the Roanoke hasn’t really fired off yet due to the extremely low flows coming out of the dam at Roanoke Rapids.  We’ve had a dry fall and early winter, and Falls Lake (which pretty much controls our water levels below the dam) has been low the past few months.  Lower flows in the river usually translate into slower fishing………not always but usually.  I’ll be checking on the Roanoke periodically, and if there is a big push of fish, I’ll know about it and so will you guys.  In the meantime, we’ll be doing most of our fishing on the Tar-Pamlico and the Neuse, which have been fishing very well so far this winter.  They both fished well last year, and we hope that continues in the coming weeks if the Roanoke doesn’t develop. 

Any direction we go, we’ll be on some good winter striper fishing.  Here are a couple of pictures from the few charters we’ve been able to run when the weather has been good enough to get out. 

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