ZMan SwimmerZ Getting It Done

We have had a great August 2018 Giant Red Drum season thanks to the innovation of ZMan soft plastics.   Besides being at the right place at the right time (which is my job), we are fortunate to have the support of the best soft plastic bait company in the business.  Besides catching a few fish on topwater plugs, most of our fish have been caught using Blabbermouth Popping Corks with a 6″ ZMan SwimmerZ at the end of our 60 pound leader. 

Here’s the rig I use:  7′ TFO MH action Spinning Rod with a Quantum Cabo 40 spinning reel. The drags in the Cabos and year in and year out withstood the repeated abuse of multiple 40-50″ giant red drum each day.  I’m on my 4th season using them commercially as a guide.  That says a lot.   On the end of the braid connected with a uni to uni knot  I have a 2′ shot of 60 pound Berkeley Big Game Monofilament to a Blabbermouth Popping Cork (orange or pink) with another 2′ shot of 60# Berkeley Big Game Mono leader to a ZMan HeadlockZ HD 1/4 ounce 6/0 hook jighead and a 6″ ZMan SwimmerZ in a variety of colors. I do not like to tie the braid directly to the cork, hence the 2′ shot of 60# big game.  It gives me something to grab onto when the fish comes to the side of the boat and also prevents the braid from twisting around the cork.   The swimbait colors I use the most are Pearl and Sexy Mullet.  The HeadlockZ HD are the absolute best jig heads I’ve ever used for the popping cork fishing.  The hooks never bend out and the hookup ratio is very very good.  

 I have Oct. 22 and Oct. 29 open for some fall light tackle fishing.  Nov. (as of now) is pretty wide open) and is an excellent time to catch stripers and speckled trout.  Oct-Nov. is perhaps my favorite time of the year to fish, mostly because the fishing and the weather are both awesome.  

Check out these pictures from the past couple of days.  We’ve been having lots of fun.  You can, too, if you give me a call and get in on the action before it’s over for this year.

No need to show a bunch of fish being held up for the camera. This one says it all.

Strange things happen in that moment of excitement between man and beast.

This is from a quick Sunday morning trip with my family. Tripp, my 7 year old, caught his first giant drum on his third cast of the morning. A special moment indeed.





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