I am excited beyond words to announce that I have been accepted into the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center fleet for the 2014 season.  This is one of the highest honors for any east coast fisherman.  Some of the best offshore and inshore charter captains anywhere in the world are fishing out of the fishing center.   Joining the Oregon Inlet fleet as a captain means alot to me personally, as I worked there as a much younger man for a couple of the best offshore captains I know.  A special thanks to Capt. Aaron Kelly for going out of his way to help me and also Capt. Sam Stokes and Capt. Tony Tillett and the rest of the board of directors for believing in me.


I am looking forward to a productive summer season at Oregon Inlet.  Following my spring striper season in Weldon, I’ll be heading that way about the middle of May to get started.  I’ll still be doing much of what I did last summer with the speckled trout fishing but adding a few more possibilities due to our proximity to the inlet and ocean such as more redfish, blues, spanish, flounder, sheepshead, etc.  Hopefully we’ll be putting lots of meat on the dock and having lots of fun doing it.

Here’s a throwback pic of an exceptionally large meat haul aboard the Qualifier on an offshore trip.  That was a fun day.  We had the box so full of yellowfins that the lid wouldn’t quite close all the way.  We were heading in with our limit and saw a wooden pallet floating with about 500 bailer dolphic around it.  Capt. Fin looked at me after taking a long drag off a Marlboro Light and kinda snickered the way he does when he gets excited.  Without saying a word, I jumped down off the bridge and we both knew what was coming……total carnage.  I ran downstairs and got all the party members gathered around the back with their bailing rods.  I started throwing chum and hook baits in the water and it was on.  When the smoke cleared about 15 minutes later, there were 60 dolphin laying on the teak deck of the Qualifier…….blood everywhere.  We fit them all in the drink box and laid them out for this photo.  What a day!

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