This is my blog, so I guess I can write anything I want in it.  I usually stick straight to business by just posting fishing reports, but I feel compelled every once in a while to express my enthusiasm for what I do and the happiness it brings me. I hope any of you who have fished with me, especially those who have fished with me enough to become friends, have felt this enthusiasm while fishing on the boat with me.

I’m sitting here in my easy chair kicking back to a reflective tune by the Seldom Scene with thoughts flowing through my head, and as I write, I am overwhelmed by a sense of peace and gratitude.  Despite the natural tendencies of humans complain about what we don’t have, I try everyday to be thankful and gracious for my life and the happiness it brings me. I am thankful to have a beautiful, loving, caring, and supportive wife who allows me to pursue this business and my dream, a wonderful extended family, and a group of friends I love dearly.  I am thankful to have an adorable and healthy son who hopefully one day will be able as lucky as I am to pursue his dream in life.  I am thankful for my faith in God, for without him, I would be a lost soul in a stormy sea.

I am thankful to be a fishing guide…to enjoy an adventurous, outdoor life that brings me peace, excitement, joy, anticipation, happiness, self confidence, gratitude, and above all, a healthy, stress free lifestyle.  While guiding can often be long, hard, physically strenuous, lonesome work (when not on the boat with customers), I wouldn’t trade it for any other means of making a living. Guiding and being on the water is a de-evolution to a simpler life that only rarely exists in our modern, changing world.  In today’s society where humans are becoming increasingly detached from the natural world, I get to enjoy some of the earth’s most beautiful places while interacting with people when they are happy, not distracted, and focused on nature. Because of this, I am luck to get to know some wonderful and interesting people…to hear their story.  6 hours on the boat with each other is enough time to get know anyone well enough.

I appreciate and cherish the support of my charter customers and value the relationships I have formed with many of you over these last few years.  I have many fond memories spent on the water with each of you and I look forward to many more over the course of my career.  I promise each and every one of you that I will strive to the very best of my ability to make your fishing dreams come true. Thanks again to every person who has helped to make this possible.  I feel like the luckiest person I know and am really looking forward to what surprises 2014 will bring us while out on the water!

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