August has been a hot month both for temperature and fishing.  The speckled trout bite remains strong for those wanting the most action possible.  The slot drum bite has been the highlight of what we’ve been doing the past few weeks.  We’ve caught most of our fish on topwater baits and on fly.  From what I’ve seen, we have 3 different age classes in our system this year, which is a very good indicator of a healthy stock.  Good spawns the past few years coupled with little to no gill net pressure from flounder nets is really making a huge difference.  Simply put, the fish factory of our estuary is producing fish every year and they are staying here because they aren’t being caught, sold, or killed as by-catch.  I’ve seen the rat red 1 year olds (10-17″), the 2 year olds (18-24″), and the 3 year olds (25-30+”).  We’ll have some great redfishing next year and the following year.  The old drum or giant redfish are slowly starting to make a showing.  It’s not as good as it needs to be yet, but we are catching a few and folks are scoring some true trophies on artificial baits. We’ve had several of our guests join the 50″ club on recent outings.  That bite should pick up more and more each day as we move into September.  Pray for no hurricanes!