See below for what’s in store for the rest of the year as we return to our home waters on the Pamlico and Pungo Rivers:

Light Tackle: After concluding the 2012 spring striper season on the Roanoke River in Weldon, we are home again in Washington permanently for the rest of the year and will be focusing on our mixed bag fishing mostly on the Pamlico and Pungo Rivers.  We will also be doing alot more fishing on the Pamlico Sound this year for puppy and slot drum.  This is an excellent fishery and brings lots of smiles and happy clients.  In the next few weeks, we expect good topwater and subsurface striper fishing around Washington and in the upper portion of the Pamlico River from the Blounts/Upper Goose/Broad Creek area up to Washington and steady spec, flounder, and puppy drum fishing in the lower Pamlico and Pungo.  The flounder fishing is still a bit slow but should be getting good as we enter the summer months.  The spec fishing should remain steady in late May and into June and slow as the water warms into July.

Big Fish:  July brings the tarpon.  We will be after them again this year in the Pamlico River and also chasing them in the Pamlico Sound.  We are also looking forward to our big drum fishing season in August and Sept.  About half of my prime dates are already booked, so book early if you want to get a date during the peak of the season, which is the last 2 weeks of August and the first 2 weeks of Sept.

Flounder Gigging:  This summer, we will offering flounder gigging charters for adventurous anglers looking for family fun or just anyone looking to practice the ancient art of flounder gigging.  We will be leaving at dark and returing at midnight.  Trips are $300 for up to 4 people.  Call me or email for more info.  You will have fun!