Dennis Gets #15,200

No, that’s not how many we caught today.  We did, however, put a sizable dent in that number. Dennis came all the way down from Long Island, NY to experience the winter striper fishing on the Roanoke River.  He has been a lifelong striper fisherman, fishing for stripers in 8 different states on the Atlantic Seaboard.  He has also been tagging stripers for 28 years.  Today, he tagged #15,200 in his tagging career.  We ended up putting 93 tags into fish ranging from 15 to 22 inches.  We caught quite a few more than that and could have probably doubled our catch, but our tagging efforts slowed our catching efficiency.  It was only the two of us.

If you catch a striper with a yellow tag positioned in this way (protocol per this particular tagging program) on the Roanoke River, Albemarle Sound, or beyond, then call the number on the tag or visit this website for tag reporting info:

The American Littoral Society is a non-profit based in New Jersey and the Northeast dedicated to conservation of marine life and habitat and sponsors this multi-state/coastwide tagging program.

Dennis with his 15,200th tagged striper.

Dennis with his 15,200th tagged striper.

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