Well, today was one for the record books.  We had our first bite not 5 minutes after getting our anchor out and pretty much caught fish the rest of the trip.  Charlie and Larry really got their fill on some nice drum today.  I’m sure they are worn out.  We caught them constantly throughout the morning and ended up well into double digits.  Charlie couldn’t seem to get a fish that would “swim to the boat” and he handed Larry what would end up being about the biggest fish of day as he said, “Here Larry, you can take this one………it’s a little one and it’s not fighting very hard”.  After that the fish took off and Larry landed an easy 50 pounder.  We caught lots of fish in the 45-50 inch range and also had a few yearling drum in the 35 inch range.  Fun stuff either way and a world class day of drum fishing in North Carolina.  I had a blast fishing with 2 veteran E-Grit fishermen.