Today was just one of those magical days that everything worked. I had Andy, Bill, and James, all experienced fishermen. We started out fishing for some trout out of Washington. For about the past month, there’s been a good trout bite in the upper reaches of the Pamlico in and just below downtown Washington. The late summer and early fall have been very dry, so the water is very clear and the bait is thick. It’s normal for the bait in the river to migrate up towards the headwaters in November. The fish will follow. We just lucked out and found a nice school of trout working some bait under some scattered birds. Using 4″ soft plastic scented Z-Man Jerk Shadz on 3/16 ounce jig heads, we worked them over until we had a 4 man lite of really nice 18-22″ trout. We kept catching them for a while until I got a call from a friend about some stripers downriver. We made the run, and it was worth it. We hammered some 20-25″ stripers for a least an hour. There were also some 22-26″ slot drum mixed in with the stripers. After catching 20 or more of the stripers with a few drum in the mix, we called it a day.

Now that’s the kind of day we like in early December. Here are some pictures from our adventure. I have Dec. 12, 15, 19, , 21-23, 27, -28, 30 open still and Capt. Hurley has most of the month open. December is a very underrated month to fish, so get on out here with us and check it out for yourself.