Great White Shark “Katherine” made an appearance at the mouth of the Pamlico River.  The tagged shark only “pings” when it surfaces, and has covered 179 miles in the last 72 hours, so for all we know, the fish may have swam up the river????  Wow!  I’m amazed at how fast these creatures can cover water and how they have such an amazing ability to find their way around.   Check out OCEARCH.ORG for more information on Katherine and other tagged sharks.  These guys have done some amazing work in researching these animals and have initiated a great need for conservation of this species.

It’s not like adult great white sharks are as abundant as menhaden, but it’s weird to think that this is just 1 fish.  I wonder how many other adult great whites have entered the sound and rivers in the past or could currently be swimming in our home waters.  Maybe we better leave the 3″ soft plastics at home and bring some big 5′ hog carcasses with us on our next trip?