Last of the Giant Red Drum Openings

Folks, we are getting really close to being fully booked for the giant red drum popping cork trips this coming August and Sept.  Most of my morning slots are gone, but we do still have some near the end of Sept, which can be some great fishing.  I’ve decided to open up afternoon slots this year.  We had some productive afternoon corking trips last year and if the wind kicks up a little too much to make afternoon corking too challenging, we can always soak bait and catch em the old fashioned way.  Our new boat will also be up and running and we can get you out on the water on that boat on any days that I’m already booked catching them on the corks in the morning.

Here’s what I have left for the 2014 season.  Call or email me if you want one of these slots before they are gone:

Aug. 9(pm), 11(pm), 14(pm), 21(pm), 27(pm)
Sept. 2(pm), 3(pm), 7(pm), 11(pm), 13(pm), 22-27(am and pm)

Early Morning Hook Up on the Cork

Early Morning Hook Up on the Cork

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