The lower Roanoke River striper fishing has been nothing short of spectacular lately.  Mike and Matt got a good whack in on them this morning before the rain came.  Matt is visiting the area on his college spring break from Michigan.  Prior to today, he had never done any saltwater fishing…..he got introduced today by catching triple digits in just a few hours this morning before the weather shut us down.  The fishing we’ve had in the last few days has been some of the best striper fishing I’ve ever seen on the Roanoke River, so come get in on the action.  I have March 17-20 open.

We even developed a new technique……jigging from the tree branches.  This bait that fell out of the tree limbs got eaten, so we put this guy in the air for a camera pic.  Funny!

DSC_3200 DSC_3204 DSC_3207