We started out our day eagerly heading to where I caught my fish the day before and hoping they’d still be there.  Acting like fish do, they moved and we were struggling trying to find them again.  After a few hours with just a handful of fish, Eric and Jim were starting to wonder what all this winter striper fishing hype was about……….and so was I.  After lunch, we ended up pulling off a miracle in the bottom of the ninth and found a really nice school of fish on one small ledge in one little spot.  I thought we’d maybe catch half- dozen or so off this ledge and we’d be done but they just kept coming………singles every cast, doubles, triples………..lots of action.  We poured it to them for the next hour and a half and when all the smoke cleared, we had all had our fill.  Many of the fish were 20-24″ with the biggest being closer to 25 inches really girthy.  We even had a big bald eagle perched on a low branch send us a farewell as we approached the landing.   I love catching fat and healthy winter rockfish and enjoying one of the most beautiful areas of our state as my office.  If you would like to check out this amazing fishery, give me a buzz and I’ll set you up in Jan. or Feb.  It will be a winter adventure that might make you quit hunting.  It did for me!