We are now offering a new trip……winter redfishing on the lower Pamlico River.  Check out the Winter Redfish page on the left sidebar for more info. The estuarine, higher saline marshes in the lower portion of the river, adjacent to the Pamlico Sound, are full of resident redfish.  I’ve done enough investigative work over the last couple of years to consistently pattern these fish.  This could be North Carolina’s next best light tackle redfishery.  These fish are often found in shallow water and can be caught by casting various artificial baits on med-light spinning gear or on the fly rod.  Come check this out in March once it warms up a little. A big bonus to the fishing is enjoying one of the most remote, uncrowded, and scenic areas of North Carolina’s coast.  I have plenty of openings during the week, and we’ll be doing some of this and also rockfishing in the lower Roanoke.  These trips will be available until we move up to Weldon about the second week of April.