New PowerPole for the Pathfinder

I spent yesterday getting rigged up with a new PowerPole Shallow Water Anchor. Thanks so much to Capt. Dave Stewart of Minnesott Beach Bait and Tackle for installing this handy tool for light tackle fishing. For your PowerPole needs, visit Capt. Dave at He is an authorized PowerPole dealer and will install it professionally.  He also has a huge selection of soft and hard baits for speckled trout, drum, flounder, and striped bass. It’s getting about time for some live bait fishing, so stop by his shop and get rigged up with some pretty live mud minnows, the best flounder bait for summertime fishing.

I’m sitting here in my easy chair as all these storms come over (unreal weather for this time of year……feels like August with all the afternoon thunderstorms) and I’m using the new PowerPole C-Monster Smart Phone App to lower and raise my powerpole in the driveway. The control unit is bluetooth enabled. Technology is nice sometimes. The boat’s not going to get blown away in this storm.


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