We have guided enough fly clients over the years to realize the demand for good instruction.  Folks want to learn, to get better, to improve their casting, and to catch more fish.  We have designed a complete program for on and off the water fly fishing training.  Buiding upon our off-the-water monthly seminars and casting classes, we offer on-the-water lessons, where you will improve your casting and apply new skills to the water in order to catch fish.  These trips are designed to be shorter and serve as a bridge between the classroom instruction and a full fishing charter.  They will build your skills and help develop a toolset appropriate to our style of fly fishing.  Those tools may include casting with increased distance, casting in the wind, fly fishing from a boat, wade fishing techniques, double hauling, strip setting, topwater fly fishing, and more.  We highly recommend these as a way to experience real world fishing conditions and perhaps catching a few of our saltwater species before committing to a full charter trip.  

We offer 2, 3, and 4 hour classes with the following rates:

2 Hour  $200

3 Hour  $300

4 Hour  $400

Capt. Mike Tayloe “Tayloe” will be your instructor for these classes.  His fly fishing expertise and ability to teach will be valuable to your experience. These classes are ideal for 1 angler, as there’s no substitute for individual instruction; however, we can handle up to 2 anglers per session.