We have guided enough fly clients over the years to realize the demand for good instruction.  Folks want to learn, to get better, to improve their casting, and to catch more fish.  We have designed a complete program for on and off the water fly fishing training.  Buiding upon our off-the-water monthly seminars and casting classes, we offer on-the-water lessons, where you will improve your casting and apply new skills to the water in order to catch fish.  These trips are designed to be shorter and serve as a bridge between the classroom instruction and a full fishing charter.  They will build your skills and help develop a toolset appropriate to our style of fly fishing.  Those tools may include casting with increased distance, casting in the wind, fly fishing from a boat, wade fishing techniques, double hauling, strip setting, topwater fly fishing, and more.  We highly recommend these as a way to experience real world fishing conditions and perhaps catching a few of our saltwater species before committing to a full charter trip.  Capt. Mike Tayloe “Tayloe” will be your instructor for these seminars.  His fly fishing experience, expertise, and ability to teach will be valuable to your experience.  These classes are ideal for 1 angler, as there’s no substitute for individual instruction; however, we can handle up to 2 anglers per session.

2 Hour Beginner Fly Casting Seminar (Land-Based):  $200

The Fly Casting seminar is for people who are brand new to fly fishing or who want to improve their basic casting skills. We will cover the topics and skills that will get you started fly casting and avoid bad habits while practicing down the road. The seminar focuses on hands-on instruction and practice of fly rod mechanics, casting principals and line control. 

The seminars are facilitated in a relaxed atmosphere with a 1:1 or 2:1 student-to-instructor ratio.  


I. Fly rod mechanics (what the rod is designed to do)

II. Grips and stance 

III. Casting principals 

IV. Line control

V. Casting scenarios 


4 Hour Beginner / Intermediate Fly Fishing Seminar (Boat/Water- Based):  $400

The boat-based Fly Fishing Seminar focuses on the principals and techniques involved in fly fishing from a boat in the estuary and saltwater environment. This course is designed for people who have a solid casting foundation and want to broaden their knowledge and skill set focusing on line control, adding distance to your cast, how to handle casting in the wind and typical fishing scenarios found in the estuary and saltwater environment. 

This seminar is not a guided fishing charter. We will focus on the particularities of fly fishing from a boat and create scenarios in order to practice the skill sets necessary to have a fun successful day on the front of a boat. If we happen to catch some fish along the way, even better!

Our seminars utilize center console boats set up with casting decks for fly fishing.  The seminars are facilitated in a relaxed atmosphere with a 1:1 or 2:1 student-to-instructor ratio on our local rivers and estuaries.


I. Positioning for casting

II. Line control / selection / reaction

III. Distance casting / Shooting Line

IV. Casting in the wind / Double Hauling

V. Casting options

VI. Stripping / Strip Setting / Fighting fish

VII. Equipment review

VIII. Reading the water (estuary / saltwater environment)