With the crazy weather and rapidly changing water temps we had last week, fishing was all over the place.  We had some good trips as well as some that I would consider slower (although most of the first time fishermen caught fish and had a great time).  About 2 weeks ago, the water temps were hovering in the low 70’s and following a typical fall cooling trend.  When the temps climbed into the mid 80’s during the day with higher nightime lows, the water temps climbed back up to 75-80 degrees, depending on whether you are in the main river channels or creeks (with the creeks being warmer).  This hurt the fishing.  Then over the last couple of days, we have had a massive cold front push in and the water temps have decreased approx. 10 degrees in 2 days.  This freaks the fish out to say the least.  We did get on an excellent spec bite on Sunday afternoon just ahead of the front.  We’ve been banging out a mixed bag with the most consistent fishing being the spec and striper fishing because that’s what we’ve primarily been targeting.  On occassion when we beat the banks, we have found some flounder and pups to add a little variety to the mixed bag!   We are hoping that after this front, things should settle down and get into a more typical, consistent fall pattern.  There are plenty of fish around and we are eager for some great fishing this week.

Topwater Baby!

In the box he goes

Flounder Pounder

Her first fish ever!

Another one for the cooler

26 incher on topwater!