After a week of great fishing with most days producing plenty of action on the puppy drum and trout to a little lull on Saturday, the fishing has fired off again after we relocated.   Last week, we were having days where we were mostly wearing out the schools of puppy drum (most of the fish were in the 16-20 inch range……a few large enough to take home our 1 per person limit) and catching a few nice trout on the side.  One day we really got into the trout and caught an easy 3 man limit with plenty more to throw back and had a few pups to go with the trout.

On Sat, I had my good customer Steve Phelps and his boys on the boat.  These guys are some of the nicest, most easy going folks I know.  I went right back to where I caught the trout the day before and they just weren’t as plentiful.  Steve and the boys scrapped out the what they could on the tail end of a good bite.  We caught scattered specs and puppy drum with a few fish to take home but nothing like it had been.  They were great sports and we enjoyed a pretty day on the water and some great conversations while catching some fish.

Because I felt like things were winding down in this area, I decided to relocate for Sunday.  Well……..we found some really special trout fishing and my client Ed and I had a ball catching tons of specs in a relatively short period of time.  The day started out a little slow as I decided to throw some topwater baits in some previously reliable areas.  We managed a 24 and a 21 incher on top with very few other bites until we found a big school of trout and put the hammer down on them.  I went back to that spot today hoping to find that school in the exact same location and pick right up where we left off.  We didn’t find those fish all grouped up but they were scattered out and we had a slow pick catching one or two fish every once in a while.  Look what a slow pick over 6 hours produced for us today.  We had about that many that we threw back, too………..a great day had by my good repeat customers Joe, Dick, Javier, and Gil.

Another spottail in the mix today