I’ve been a little slacker than normal on the reports lately but we’ve been steadily catching good numbers of flounder, puppy drum, stripers, and specs.  The majority of our catches have been comprised of flounder with increased numbers of puppy drum (and increased size), a few nice stripers, and  a few mixed sized specs.  We did catch a couple of nice keepers 2 days ago (18 inchers).  I’ve been using a mixture of live mud minnows, finger mullet and Gulp baits.  Some days the live baits will outfish the artificials and some days the artificials will outfish the live baits.  The best day we’ve had on flounder was around 75.  Four days in a row we had 40, 75, 50, and 60 flounder each day.  Great fishing and lots of action!

I haven’t caught a tarpon this year.  Very disappointing but it is from lack of trying.  I’ve been so busy with light tackle trips I haven’t put hardly one ounce of effort into it.  With tarpon fishing, those who put forth the most effort usually are rewarded.  I haven’t even hardly been.  I rode out a couple of mornings with a buddy looking around in the river and didn’t see much.  There are definitely fewer fish in the Pamlico River so far this year than last, but maybe they’ll show up any day.  There have been some scattered fish around the mouth of the Pamlico and a few in the Pungo but the best of it has been out in the sound so far.

Pretty soon, we’ll be turning our attention to the giant red drum.  I’ll be fishing out of Paradise Cove Marina this year off of Broad Creek near Oriental.  It’s the closest launch site to all the best drum fishing grounds.  I recommend staying in Oriental.  All of that info is on my website.  Click HERE for more info.  If you want to go, give me a call as soon as possible.  We have just a few remaining dates for this season.

A couple of doubles from this past week: