The speckled trout fishing continues to be steady throughout January with trout still being caught in the creeks and in the upper portion of the Pamlico River near Washington.  Anglers fishing close to the full moons are experiencing the best fishing, as catching trout this time of year always seems to be a carefully timed endeavor by serious anglers.  Around the full moon, the trout become much more active and can be found feeding on baitfish in the upper extremities of the deeper creeks.

An excellent “old timer” tactic for these trout is to go by Jay-Lyn’s in Grimeland and pick yourself up 2 or 3 dozen “rock minnows”, fishing them with a good spread of poles covering all levels of the water column behind the boat as you cast your favorite soft plastic or hard bait off the bow.  This can often prove very productive, as I have observed large schools of small minnows such as bay anchovies and glass minnows cruising the flats along the banks of the creeks.  A 3/16″ or 1/4″ mesh Lee Fisher cast net might be a good thing to carry along on the boat when winter trout fishing.  Throwing on the minnow schools and catching them yourself ensures that you are using the specific type of minnow that the trout are feeding on in that particular creek, but having a few store-bought minnows is always a good backup plan.

Happy Hunting…………….and don’t get discouraged if you are marking bait, are fishing in an area where they were caught the day or week before………because more than likely the fish are there but you just can’t get them to bite because you’re not there at the right time!  Using live bait in the winter sometimes can  remedy this problem.