After the big blow, (well, it’s actually still blowing) we ended up with lots of pups, a few undersized and keeper trout, a flounder, and a rockfish for the super slam but that is expected from Trophy Hunter Joey B, the king of slams this year. He’s caught more offshore grand slams in one season of marlin fishing in NC than most folks have in a lifetime. The trout bite was not what it has been. The water temps have fallen from 67ish pre-storm to the mid to low 50’s post storm. The trout are around somewhere. We just might need another day or two of looking really hard to find them along with some favorable feeding conditions. While some of these trout are relatively resident fish, recent studies are showing that they are much more like ducks and can put some serious miles behind their tails in a short period of time.  What we did not see today was lots of bait.  Wherever the big concentrations of bait are, the trout are likely not too far away.