Recent Pamlico Sound Giant Red Drum Pics from early in the season

Early August this year has proved to be a challenge with the drum.  Usually early August is pretty steady fishing but the drum numbers have been slow to materialize so far this year. It seems like during the first week or two of the month, there have been just a few fish everywhere from the northern Pamlico Sound, lower Pamlico River, lower Neuse River, and southern Pamlico Sound.  We have fish hard with mixed results in the single digits.  We have been catching some fish, and for someone who is new at this, these fish are true trophies and will likely be remembered for years to come.  Thing should fire off here in the next week or so.  Here are a couple of pics from the early part of the season.

First ever big North Carolina redfish!

James Green with his first ever North Carolina big red!

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