Tar-Pam Guide Service offers winter fishing charters on the lower Roanoke River  and Albemarle Sound from December through mid-June.  Fishing in the winter can be a fun and rewarding way to rid yourself of cabin fever and North Carolina’s mild temperatures create just the place for excellent winter fishing. During the winter months, vast stocks of striped bass congregate in the shallow waters of the western sound and the deeper river channels of the lower Roanoke, Eastmost, and Cashie Rivers.  These stripers are many of same fish that travel to Weldon to spawn in April and May.  We also target them post-spawn on the lower river from mid-May through mid-June.  The area is one of the most beautiful, natural, and remote areas of our state, and you’ll be fishing while surrounded by the wild Roanoke River National Wildlife Refuge.  It is host to some of the most amazing striped bass fishing anywhere and 100+ fish days are not uncommon.  Get a jump start on some incredible Roanoke River striper fishing.  Why wait til the spring when you can catch these fish before they get there!  

Our winter trips are 3/4 day trips from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m, although we are flexible and can do a full day trip as well.  We fish during the warmest and most comfortable part of the day and also when the fish are most actively feeding.  

I took this photo on my very first charter in January on a Lower Roanoke Winter Striper Charter! The photo ended up making the cover of N.C. Sportsman.


A nice Roanoke River Striper caught on Fly!

Tar-Pam Guide Service offers fishing charters on the Roanoke River out of   Weldon, NC from April through May. After fishing for winter stripers near the mouth in the Roanoke in Plymouth, NC, we follow the annual migration of stripers up the river to their spawning grounds in Weldon.  Weldon, NC on the Roanoke River is known for world class striper fishing.  This fishery has so much to offer………..from live bait to subsurface and topwater artificials on conventional tackle to subsurface and topwater fly fishing………….you can do a little of everything. 

The spring spawning run of stripers on the Roanoke River is one of the best, if not the best, light tackle striper fisheries on the Eastern Seaboard. Our striper trips in Weldon typically run from mid-April through mid-May.  We offer a slightly longer 1/2 day option beginning in the morning when the bite is best.  We don’t offer a longer trip simply because you don’t need one.  You’ll catch plenty of fish in 5 hours.  This is not a per person rate.  (Max 3 anglers)