After a hiatus due to the really fowl weather we’ve had over the last couple of weeks, we hit the river again on Monday.  Jim and the boys from Albemarle had a tough time in some tough conditions.  We managed about 6 fish all day, which is very unusual for this fishery and the slowest trip we’ve had all winter. Conditions just weren’t the best and we just couldn’t get it together to get on a good bite.  That wasn’t the return I was hoping for.  Jim and boys hung in there and fished hard.

Today was an altogether different story.  After doing some extensive searching, we finally did find a nice group of fish and worked on enough of them to make the day for John and Daniella, who came all the way down to eastern North Carolina from Toronto, Ontario for a little winter break, some Southern hospitality in Washington, and some winter rockfishing on the lower Roanoke.  I guess the Roanoke River really is the “Rockfish capital of the World”.  We had a great time fishing together, and they were able to experience some fun winter fishing while seeing one of the most beautiful parts of Eastern NC.