Speckled Trout and Striper Delight!

Got this email from Mark after his trip:

“I wanted to tell you again what a good time we had with you on Friday. Everyone learned something, as well as just having the pure fun of fishing (and catching!)  My wife and I had a fantastic trout dinner last night – it might just be my favorite fish to eat.”

Mark and his crew had a great day on the water putting together a respectable catch of speckled trout and stripers.  The trout took a little finessing but these guys grasped the jigging concept right away.   The trout where I’ve been fishing have been excellent tests for anglers who enjoy the finer concepts of lure presentation.  If you are looking to test your skills and improve your knowledge of inshore saltwater fishing, excellent opportunities are available with a charter this fall.  The reward will be on your dinner plate when you get home.  A charter makes an excellent holiday gift.  Don’t forget about our $100 discount on winter striper trips on the lower Roanoke.  Hurry, offer ends December 15th.


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