Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  I’ve been “roughing it” up at the hunting club in Halifax without internet, so my correspondence lately has been limited to my smart phone.  What a real bummer (not really).

Well……..I can’t ask for the fishing in Weldon to be any more consistent.  We are having 20-50 fish half day trips with plenty of 20-22″ keepers mixed in.  The keeper season is out now (sorry fish eaters) but the fishing is really firing off like it usually does the first week of May.  We caught over 100 the day before yesterday and never put the first live bait in the water…………topwater plugs, corks, and soft plastics.  Really fun stuff.  None of the fish have yet to spawn, as water temps remain in the low 60’s.  Everything is about a week late this year and the best has yet to come.  I expect the fishing to remain excellent throughout mid to late May.

Here are my remaining open dates for the season in May:

May 6-7, 8(am), 12-15

Get in on some of this action before they do their thing and head back downriver!