Yesterday on our striper fishing trip, we struggled with poor fishing conditions where the fish were.  Ed and I ended up with around a dozen or so in really cold conditions.  There’s fine line this time of year between being comfortable and being downright cold.  There are 3 factors that can either contribute or detract from your comfort factor:  sunshine, wind, and air temp.  We had all 3 of those factors against us yesterday.  Mainly the wind didn’t really allow the conditions to shape up for us to fish the fish that I knew were there.  Today was  little different.  We got on those fish and ended up with around 80 or so.  Beth, Rex, and Tanner all enjoyed some pretty consistent pullage.  Will be out there tomorrow again, so stay tuned for an updated report.

Also, here’s the link to my boat at the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center.  To be on the charter directory, your boat must have a name, so I named mine the Topwater because I like to topwater fish so much.